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Donation FAQ
  • "95" is pronounced as “lend me a hand/help me” in mandarin. The project is targeted to promote the two main core awareness, which are “self-help” and “seeking help”. “Self-help” is considered as a process of self-learning and self-growth, so that one can enhance their self-awareness, while “seeking help” refers to one’s proactiveness in searching for external support in the circumstances when one could not be able to engage in self-help.
  • For more information, you may click this to learn more about 95 Care Fund: (95CF Link)
  • Life Line Association Malaysia has been using “Credit Card Auto Transfer Services” from banks. We hope that this service can provide convenience to the public by auto-debiting the donations from the respective bank account. We will make request to the bank for your donation funds, according to your information as indicated in the Donation Form. E.g., if you have stated the donation amount as RM95 per 3 months, the respective bank will auto debit RM95 for every 3 months.
  • According to your option as indicated in the Donation form, your donations will be spent to implement the respective projects and services.
  • You can either choose bank transfer, cash deposit, cheque deposit, or direct transfer the donations to the bank account of Life Line Association through e-Wallet.
  • Bank Acc No.: 2400 1000 342
  • Acc Name: Persatuan Life Line Malaysia
  • Bank Name: Hong Leong Islamic Bank
  • “95”取自“救我”谐音,以推广“自救”与“求救”作为两项主要的方针。“自救”指的是自我学习与成长,提升觉察与应对能力。“求救”指的是人们无法自救时,懂得寻求外界的心理支援。
  • 更多详情,可查询 95 爱心基金 链接:
  • 本会已成功向银行申请“信用卡自动转账服务”,希望这项服务可以方便民众的赞助。我们将依照您在表格里所填写的资料向银行请款。例:您填写赞助数额(RM95);频率(每三个月一次),银行便每三个月自动扣款一次RM95。
  • 根据您的赞助表格的选项,您的捐款将会运用在该组别的活动策划里,协助义工们为大众提供服务。
  • 您还可以选择自行通过银行户口转账(bank transfer, cash deposit, cheque deposit) 或电子钱包等管道汇款至生命线银行户口。
  • 银行户口号码 : 2400 1000 342
  • 银行户口名称 : Persatuan Life Line Malaysia
  • 银行 : Hong Leong Islamic Bank